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Laboratory and Pilot Plant

When designing a water treatment plant, it is critical to have an accurate estimate of the reagent consumption rates, sludge production rates, and effluent quality. These can be preliminarily defined in a series of laboratory tests. These tests can also serve to define coagulant or flocculant addition ratios and setpoints for pH and retention times. Envirobay has established relationships with local accredited laboratories providing expert analysis for environmental applications. These laboratories apply extensive quality control to ensure the precision, accuracy, and reliability of all of the services offered to their clients.

For a detailed design in water treatment, pilot services can be offered. Pilot plant studies are used to precisely define the design criteria of a full-scale plant. On-site treatment is preferred because it allows testing to be carried out on representative water unaffected by potential temperature, redox or microbial changes that occur during transport. The operating conditions, effluent quality, reagent dosages and waste production can all be defined with high accuracy. The full-scale system can then be confidently designed without adding significant contingencies and unnecessarily over-sizing equipment.

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